Reid & Bryna take a moment // Mazama, Washington

newlyweds Brian and Andrea sneak away to nature // Mazama, Washington

I offer a variety of  wedding package options, including elopement photography. Contact me for a complete list of services and prices.  Travel locations include domestic and international locations.

  • Elopements begin at $1800

  • Local weddings begin at $2600.

  • Weddings with travel begin at $3800

  • Most couples spend about $4200, including album design & delivery.

There is lots of flexibility so you can decide exactly what you want from your day or simply choose one of my suggested combinations of services with things like albums, online galleries, prints and of course your hi-res images. 

I recognize that your wedding photographer is a person that will spend the better part of your day by your side so I encourage you to choose someone that you like to be with, who's work you love. 

Kristen with mom & maids at the Spring Creek Ranch farmhouse // Winthrop, Washington

For that same reason, I don't want to be a stranger to you, I want to get to know you.  I'll meet you for a coffee or bourbon or beer, we'll trade stories, we'll brainstorm crafty ideas and solutions for your wedding day; it will be great.  I am naturally interested in everything that makes the whole; all the background that makes you you.  The more I know you and the more you know me, the better the images that come from our synergy.  This not only affects what I see on your day and what I capture, it affects the way I process your photos and which I choose to keep to hand over to you forever.

My aim is to provide you artistic and classic imagery that will represent you and yours.

Whatever you choose, I will be present every moment of your day, making sure to capture every wonderful detail. 

Taisha & Russell exchange vows with a view of the lake // Karma Vineyard, Chelan, Washington